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Online Workshop kit - Creating Intentions and Bracelets

Online Workshop kit - Creating Intentions and Bracelets

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This is the ONLINE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION for February 11, 2021 “Create Intentions and Bracelets” workshop.

Please note: Registration is open for the December workshop until February 4, 2021 11.59pm. 

When purchasing this bracelet kit you're automatically registered for the next online workshop. The workshop experience is free. :-)

(If you purchase your kit after the close date of the month you'll automatically be assigned next month's workshop date.)

What is the workshop about?

The workshop is aligned with New Moons of the year. The time right after the new moon it's an opportune time for new beginnings and to set intentions for what you want to manifest.

Release your desires to the universe by setting an intention while making your own Intention Reminder Bracelet and use it as a reminder of your dreams and desires.

This online workshop is an inspiring event using powerful kundalini mantras and visualization to infuse your intentions into the bracelet to kickstart manifestation.

Experience this intimate free workshop from the comfort of your home and accelerate your desires to come true! 

Please note: By purchasing the Online Workshop kit you are automatically registered for the online workshop. You'll receive an email with agenda and more info upon registration. The link to the workshop event will be sent to you on the workshop date.

I will mail this bracelet kit to you & You will receive an email with further information including link to experience the workshop. Please note: The free workshop is available to replay for 3 days from the day you receive the link.

The bracelet kit includes:

6 natural crystals with healing power (2 Rose Quartz, 2 Tiger's Eye, 2 Carnelian).

21 wood beads (4 large, 9 medium, 8 small)

You can arrange the bracelet the way you want. (I recommend to start with 3 large and end with 3 large).

1 metal guru bead


Mesh bag

FREE shipping within the United States. Shipping apply elsewhere.

Can’t wait for you to set intentions and watch them manifest this month and beyond!

All my best,


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